Black Masterbatches

Black Masterbatches

Black Masterbatches

We, at Universal Colorant Company, have developed different grades of black Masterbatches, which are based on end use requirements such as jet ness, protection from UV, conductivity etc. Carbon black is mostly used in the industry as a black pigment due to its coloring ability, cost effectiveness and the superior end result. In carbon black the surface area is inversely proportional to particle size, which means lower the particle size, greater will be the surface area. In it, the size of the particles varies from 10 to 120 nm.

Higher surface area leads to increase in both jet Ness and UV resistance as more surface area will be available for absorption of both the visible and UV lights. With the tendency of Carbon Black to form aggregates, also known as structure - the performance of black Masterbatches primarily depends on the dispersion of carbon black in the carrier resin. We use specialty additives and processing aids, which causes carbon black to get easily and uniformly dispersed in a carrier resin. Thus it gives optimum performance in the final applications. We manufacture carbon black Masterbatches containing up to 50 % carbon black content in them.

Product GradesCarbon LoadingApplication
Jet Black40%
  • Garbage Bag
  • Shopping Bag
  • Automotive Molding
  • Injection Molding
  • Blow Molding
  • Mono Filament
  • Rotational Moulding
  • Cable
Diamond Black50%
  • Critical Film Application
  • HDPE Pipe
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